New Delhi The team of Royal Challengers Bangalore i.e. RCB has reached Dubai to participate in UAE IPL 2020. RCB is a very popular team of IPL, yet this team has not won the title even once in the last 12 years. Apart from this, the performance of this team has been worse in the last few seasons. When asked about the performance of the team under the captaincy of Virat, Sanjeev Churiwala, the chairman of the franchise, he gave some answers which erased all doubt.

Talking about the performance of RCB in the last three years, this team got an eighth, sixth, and eighth place. Not only this, but this team also could not reach the playoffs either. Following the team's performance in this way, questions have been raised on the combination of players, individual performance of players, and many other aspects. Virat Kohli is the captain of the team and the team wants him to go to the top of the league and fight, but it has not happened yet.

Looking at the team's last 12 performances, when Sanjeev Churiwala was asked if Virat Kohli could be removed from the captaincy, he supported Virat completely and denied his previous record as captain. He said that Virat Kohli is the captain of the team and the number of his fans is very large. We all love Virat very much and he is associated with us, it is very good.

He said that what happens in the game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but we should not forget what they are in person and what their track record is. As the owner of RCB and this team, I would like to say that we are proud that Virat Kohli is associated with us. He said that every player associated with our team is important whether he is a part of the playing eleven or not.

Sanjeev said that we want the team that lands on the field should be fully balanced. We want to strengthen both batting and bowlers. We came to know many shortcomings of the team and we are working on it. Keeping this in mind, in this auction, we selected such players who can overcome the shortcomings. Let us know that the 13th season of IPL will start in UAE from 19 September.